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Rescue:  Life's Purpose

Danclay Farms is an idyllic country estate, home to a young family and a beautiful event venue for weddings and other momentos occasions.

Also housed on the property, is the Halfway Home for Animals( HHA).  HHA currently has 24 dogs, 15 cats, 14 cows, and 3 horses.   These numbers fluctuate frequently! 

HHA is also the home for Distemper Don't Kill.  This can best be described as an effort to save as many dogs as possible from deadly distemper disease. Many times veterinarians euthanize dogs after the diagnosis bc there is no treatment.  HHA has developped a protocol that has save 103 of the 108 dogs treated.  People from all over the country contact HHA for help. Rescues in other countries have even contacted HHA for help with treatment of the disease. 

HHA has plans to continue treatment of distemper and to rescue other animals, as well as be an advocate for the fair treatment of all animals.   As a 501-c, HHA is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and personal funds to treat even healthy dogs and cats with routine veterinary care.

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